Liturgy of the Hours Tutorial
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    Reprinted with permission from: The Rosary Shop 805 NW Alder Street McMinnville, OR 97128 USA

          Invitatory Order
                  Office of Readings Order
                        Morning Prayer Order
                             Daytime Prayer Order
                                   Evening Prayer Order
                                            Night Prayer Order

      Since Vatican council II, the Church has reaffirmed the public, communal nature of the Liturgy of the Hours as the prayer of the entire Church and has underlined the need for lay participation in it. (One-volume editions, and even shorter versions of the office, are available in Catholic bookstores.) In fact, since the revision of the Divine Office after Vatican II, lay people have been encouraged to participate in the Liturgy of the Hours, either with the priest, among themselves or even individually. When they do, they join with the entire Church throughout the world in its common prayer, sanctifying the day and night, giving praise and worship to God in a rich and beautiful tradition of our Catholic heritage.
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    Go meet the Lord in the Silence and just listen and pour your heart to him in the Blessed Sacrament!