Greetings from the Aquinos

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Prayer as we start the day
by: St. Edmund of Abingdon

Into your hands O Lord
And into the hands of your Holy Angels,
We commit and entrust this day, our soul,
Our relations, our benefactors,
our friends and those who seem to not like us!
And all your people.

Keep us O Lord, throughout this day . . .
By the merits and intercessions of Blessed Virgin Mary and all the Saints. Amen

And everyplace where we may go,
In all we say and do,
Let our deeds be such that they
Reflect the spirit of You!

Jesus, Mary, Joseph walk with us in our thoughts, words and actions, that we may experience each day with true joy, hope and and love. Amen



Enjoy the warm summer days of San Diego!


Jesus, help us! We trust in you!

The Aquinos, Rapisuras, the Ruelos' family..


Taken for the church directory - many moons ago.

Kyle, Dennis, Jim, Marc and Emily


In San Giovanni, Italy.
Jim posing before the Mass in Padre Pio's home parish.

"Greetings! A sample of celebrating a feastday or a birthday. Yum, yummy! Come over for lunch will you?"

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A date to remember. . . .

August 15 in the year of the Lord 2008 - was a day that CMLLE initially was detailed into print, with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

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