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    Acknowledgement:     Current - to - Early School Age

  • the Blessed Mother, who has been my love, my rock, my strength, as I journey towards the Father and get a very close relationship with Jesus, her son.

  • the saints in heaven, especially the humble St Joseph, the simple and pure and most famous poor saint: St Francis, and the Little Little Flower of Jesus, St. Therese of Liseux....with her little ways as a role model.

  • the EWTN Friars, staff, programs and Masses with spirit-filled & down-to-earth homilies, the cloistered nuns of Our Lady of the Angels Monastery and the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament, all the tv presentations/forums, that help anyone to grow in their spirituality, knowledge and love of God and neighbors, our faith, the Word of God, "gracias"

  • The faith influence and spirituality of the ordained community and leaders of the Diocese of San Diego, who help me grow in holiness: The Bishops of San Diego and Birmingham, Alabama, Fr. Sinor, late Fr. Crisologo, Fr Huston, Fr. Fernando, Fr. Mullarkey, Fr. Gutierrez, Fr. Chito, Fr. Manny, Fr. Earl, Fr. Ed McNulty, Fr. Anthony Chewlewski, Fr. Miller, and coming to know Fr. Elias and Fr. Corcoran (prospects for CMLLE Spiritual Advisers).

  • The Lay Chaplain Community of San Diego, my colleague at the Center for Urban Chaplaincy, Sister Anita Lapeyre,the CPE mentor, Rev Jackie, and my co-chaplains at the Sharp Memorial Hospital, Mica, Marylee, Bob, Chris, Sis Carmen and all who minister to everyone with their hearts full of love, compassion and acceptance, we praise the Lord!

  • The Diocesan Institute: Bernadeanne Carr, who inspired and encouraged me to press on for diocesan ministry certificates after Jim's ordination, and also Dr. Terry McGoldrick, charismatic, humble and spiritual. Both directors' charisma, spirituality and authentic love for the Holy Scriptures and the Lord - rub in and inpire you to authentic service for the "WORD!"

  • The Religious Community: the late Sr. Ana Louisa, Ss. Carmen Figueroa, Sis. Cristina, Sister Anita Lapeyre

  • The Diocesan Pastoral Center staff community(present and past): Ginger Infantino, Mary Ann Fallon, and others.

  • Diaconate Community: Sister Carlotta, Ernesto, Patt, Mari, Jim Keely, Deacon Lew, Deacon Sam, Deacon Manny, Deacon Ray, Deacon Bob, and Deacon Mick and my friend Hilda, and all the deacon wives whom I embraced as "sisters in support of our husband-deacons" and of course - Deacon Jim Aquino - I am grateful.

  • My friends while working and sweating out the stresses of working in the Federal government, just working and making sure the 220 million budget per analyst was in line with the strict Budgetary Rules of OMB. Lupe, Norma and others

  • In the San Diego Cursillo community, all my co-rectors and co-rectoras whom I have enjoyed camaraderie and just plain joys that come when our life is centered in Christ. The late Sr. Lulu who nurtured me to become a "rollista" and eventually became rectora of class 39 and Class 53. The past and present members of the Secretariat whom I value their efforts and commitment, I once shared their sacrifices and hard work as Cursillo Proper Chair, all the cursillo leadership and community, they will always be my friends in or out of cursillo functions and gatherings.

  • In San Diego, my old and current friends: Bella/ Fer Marinas, Iniang/Tacio, Remy/Frank Lopez, Alex Rullan and many other friends at the South San Diego area.

  • To mention also my sister Ester/Flor & family and all new/old friends in Mira Mesa area, you know who you are. "hola" And especially my family of three boys: Dennis, Kyle and Marc and my husband Deacon Jim, whom I endured and enjoyed life in Southern California through "thick or thin" in sickness and in health, so help us God. "Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Francis!"

  • Manang Lucing/Jose Soriano, Seattle, Washington who just accepted me as member of their family, embracing me like their own, Manang Suzie of Seattle, whose friendship..and trust, I am grateful.

  • Nanay Miling and other relatives who just willingly gave as much support as they can so I can be the best "mely" they knew in San Vicente. Also special mention to my cousins: Zita and Fred, Cora and Angel and all other relatives and cousins who made a positive influence in me. You know who you are!

  • My sister Moning, who just remained sweet and calm, and nurturing and just accepting. Very humble and yet sturdy and source of strength and friendship during good times or not quite good times of life.

  • My sister, Pining Vina, who nurtured me intellectually and whose down to earth practicality and CEO/ military leaderhip style influenced me from childhood to college years.

  • A college friend, Precy, Uncle Berth and Aunt Carmen during college internship.

  • My sister Fely as she took care of our late parents until they died, her leading of the 1st Saturday rosaries, her unconditional support and so with Epeng's assistance and all the children and old folks of my hometown who faithfully stormed heaven with their rosaries and prayers.

  • Manang Aurea Lazo, Mary Castillo and other friends of San Vicente Parish church, manang Berning, Manang veny, and others.
    • Felicina Lazo and other elderly women of my childhood parish San Vicente who nurtured and mentored me in my marian devotion as I was growing up with their Masses, rosaries, unconditional love and support.

    • Alejandro and Francisca Ruelos, my late beloved parents who nurtured me to grow and become the "mely" that is me now. Accepting, praying and instilling compassion to the needy, love for learning, praying the rosary, love for the Eucharistic Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, kindness to visitors or transients visiting our parish church, sharing our food and our house for a place to stay as they came for pilgrimage and intercession of our Holy Parish Patron, St. Vincent Ferrer. And not to forget the chores I learned to do to be industrious and accountable and disciplined.

    • "Our Lady of Fatima! Sto Nino! San Vicente Ferrer! We love you!

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