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Crown of Mary's Luminous Light of the Eucharist  



Question and Answer
  • Why "Crown"?
           Mary's crown is adorned with jewels, gems, or flowers. It is a mark of honor. "She was crowned as Queen of heaven and earth." Your prayers are garlands of flower or the gems in her crown.
          You choose which one you are to be placed in the crown of Mary. Gold, Ruby, diamond, emerald? A Hail Mary - is also considered a rose for our Mother. That's why the Rosary is the Crown of roses for our Blessed Mother. Which flower are you? A rose, a tulip, an orchid?
  • What is Luminous?
           It enlightens, sparks vision, gives spiritual insight...radiates the Truth as in the Luminous Mysteries
  • Everything seems overwhelming?
           Membership can be in four levels of commitment. Plus a preparatory membership like Auxillary membership.
  • What basics can we start doing now?
           Start by praying the Memorare and the Angelus morning and evening everyday from now on.
  • Levels Of Membership

    Cor Jezu et Maria!