Tilapia - Unhealthy Fish to Eat?

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TILAPIA - A Popular, Unhealthy Fish?

Farm-raised tilapia is one of the most highly consumed fish in America.

Yet it has very low levels of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids and very high levels of potentially detrimental omega-6 fatty acids.

That’s according to new research from Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Tilapia has higher levels of long-chain omega-6 fatty acids than 80-percent-lean hamburger, doughnuts and even pork bacon, says an article in the July, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association.

Omega-6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory, and inflammation is known to cause damage to blood vessels, the heart, lung and joint tissues, skin, and the digestive tract.

For their study, the authors obtained fish from several sources, including seafood distributors that supply restaurants and supermarkets, two South American companies, fish farms in several countries, and supermarkets in four states.

They found that farmed tilapia contained only modest amounts of omega-3 fatty acids: less than half a gram per 100 grams of fish, similar to flounder and swordfish.

Farmed salmon and trout, by contrast, had nearly 3 and 4 grams, respectively. At the same time, the tilapia had much higher amounts of omega-6 acids.

This is important information. Cardiologists are telling their patients to eat more fish, but if those patients are buying and eating farm-raised tilapia, they could clearly do better.

As a follow-up to this report, a coalition of more than a dozen doctors pointed out that tilapia should be considered a better choice “than most other meat alternatives,” but my response is, why not eat the best fish of all?

So I strongly suggest adding wild-caught Alaskan salmon to your diet to get the benefit of their impressive omega-3 fatty acid content and low contaminant load.

It is more expensive than tilapia, but a worthy investment in health that will reap dividends in the future.

*********************** Emily's comment:

Conclusions: Maybe instead of deep frying the fish, it could be grilled so at least the excess fat will be trimmed - a small inconvenience and sacrifice for a healthier menu - for those who love to have this fish in their diet at least once a week ...like many of us do!

By the way - Tilapia - is also called St Peter's fish .....as we see Jesus having the catch with his apostles!

  • REMEMBER: “You have the power and the choice to have a healthier quality of life.“ You make the Decision. You make the choice to be healthy!”
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