An OPEN LETTER to a fellow Cursillista

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De Colores! An OPEN LETTER OF SHARING to a Sister Cursillista.

by: Sister Emily Aquino
Cursillo #14, Decuria: St Joan of Arc
Lived Cursillo: Feb 13-15, 1981 Rancho del Cielo, Ramona CA
Rectora: Class 39 Fall/Oct 1988, Quinta de Guadalupe, IB. CA
Rectora: Class 53 Spring1993, Quinta de Guadalupe, IB. CA

(An Open Emailed letter to a fellow Cursillista)
From: Emily R. Aquino []
Sent: Saturday, March 18, 2006 7:56 PM
To: Sister Cursillista of Mary and Jesus (name withheld)

Subject: Thanks for the update

Hi Sis C! Thanks for sharing!

In less than three weeks I am going home to the Philippines, God willing. My to-do-list is up to my hairline. God has been kind and merciful. My love for Jesus gets deeper and deeper each day. I truly believe and I firmly say that He is true to His promise: "that He is with us always until the end of time!"

Many times in the silence, God has called me and tasked me in various ways. Be it as Nutrition Coaching, or Chaplaincy, or Seniors Peer Counseling, or being a mom, or being friend, or being a sister, He has done great things and Holy is His the Magnificat of Mary. Many things I do and say, but it is Him doing it through me. He has more confidence in me than me in myself sometimes. What else is new....even Moses complained to God that he stuttered. But he was chosen. So God chose us, we don't chose Him. But as the saying goes, "Try your best and God will do the rest!"

For all the times, there is nothing like prayer, praying without ceasing. And God's love is a mystery. It is the Spring of Fresh Water everyday of our lives. It never runs out. It continuously pumps fresh water to fill us in our needs.

I am very grateful also to

  • my devotion to the Blessed Mother, her example of fidelity, loving kindness, simplicity and presence even during the most painful time....Jesus' crucifixtion.

  • my devotion to the Sacred Heart

  • to the inspiration of good programs with EWTN in television (Mother Angelica's classics, Apologetics, Good or Evil, etc)

  • Jesus unconditional love for me and my family. "He looks at me, I look at Him!)

  • to the support of diaconate community, chaplaincy' community, to the love of people I have met and served in various ways.

  • to family and friends, their prayers and unending support through silent prayers and presence in their hearts.

    Below I am sharing some few things that nurture me and my Love for Him.

    Lovingly................Sis Emily

    Mystery of life

  • When the old spiritual persona dies – a new life is born.
  • “He left the group.” – Jesus left the 12 so he can send His Holy Spirit. He has to do His Father’s will.
  • The Holy Spirit could be calling us to a different path – “less traveled.”
  • “Our heart is restless until it rests in God.” Who said it? St Augustine.
  • Jesus is the model of pious life.
  • He went to the mountain by Himself to pray.
  • Frequently he left the crowd so He can have time to speak with His Father.
  • Doing God’s will often takes people out of their comfort zones, going to unfamiliar places, meeting people exactly different from them.
  • The model of the Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, Joseph. Sometimes we are:
  • Jesus – visiting the sick, or praying for healing for someone, or
  • Mary - when the Angel appeared to her, she offered herself in whatever capacity she could fulfill in her role of His divine plan, or
  • Joseph – as Joseph obeyed when the angel told him to “Go to Egypt!” We too, may we with Joseph-faith, obey and get moving!
  • People often take journeys to find themselves.
  • When one person hears Jesus beckon, “Come and follow me!”
  • We hear the call according to His Will.

    In diverse road we follow:
    1. Mother Theresa’s model
    2. St Francis model
    3. Mother Angelica of EWTN model
    4. St Therese of Liseux ‘ model
    5. St Joseph’s model
    6. the Virgin Mary’s model
    7. Mose’s model
    8. Abraham’s model
    9. Martha or Mary or Lazarus
    10. Or other Bible character’s model,
    i.e, David, Saul, St Paul, St Peter,
    Elizabeth, the Samaritan woman, the Woman at the Well,
    the Saducees?, the Pharisees?

  • Many parts but One Body
  • Going for the crown, we cannot bypass the cross.
  • Constantly, may we truly listen to Jesus invitation,

  • Finally, when the moment comes and we feel His Presence, whatever we are doing, or netting, or catching – somehow with the Grace of God, we will be sufficiently aware of His Presence and Call - we will know what it is we’re being asked to do! AMEN

  • What is Class

    Class never runs scared. It is sure-footed and confident, and it can handle whatever comes along.

    Class has a sense of humor. It knows that a good laugh is the best lubricant for oiling the machinery of human relations.

    Class never makes excuses. It takes its lumps and learns from past mistakes.

    Class knows that good manners are nothing more than a series of small sacrifices and minor inconveniences.

    Class bespeaks an aristocracy unrelated to ancestors or money. Some extremely wealthy people have no class at all, while others who are struggling to make ends meet are loaded with it.

    Class is real. You can’t fake it.

    Class is comfortable in its own skin. It never puts on airs.

    Class never tries to build up by tearing others down. Class is already up and need not attempt to look better by making others look worse.

    Class can “walk with kings and keep its virtue and talks with crowds and keep the common touch.” Everyone is comfortable with the person who has class because he is comfortable with himself.

    If you have class, you’ve got it made. If you don’t have class, no matter what else you have, it won’t make up for it.


    It is only a tiny rosebud,
    A flower of GOD's design;
    But I cannot unfold the petals
    With these clumsy hands of mine.

    The secret of unfolding flowers
    Is not known to such as I.
    God opens this flower so sweetly,
    When in my hands they fade and die.

    If I cannot unfold a rosebud,
    This flower of God's design,
    Then how can I think I have wisdom
    To unfold this life of mine?

    So I'll trust in Him for His leading
    Each moment of every day.
    I will look to him for His guidance
    Each step of the pilgrim way.

    The pathway that lies before me,
    Only my Heavenly Father knows.
    I'll trust Him to unfold the moments,
    Just as He unfolds the rose.

    -- Unknown

    Notes from: Emily:

    My prayer is that this website will help in deepening the spirituality
    and prayer life of my fellow cursillistas after so many years in the cursillo membership. .........

    Sis. Emily Aquino, Decuria of St. Joan of Arc
    Cursillo #14, Feb 1981, Rancho del Cielo
    Filipino Cursillo of the Diocese of San Diego

    Written by: Emily Aquino

    Cursillista, Rectora, Class 39, Oct 1988
    Rectora, Class 53, in 1993
    Quinta de Guadalupe, San Diego, CA 92154

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