Who Can Join

The men and women of this circle can be anybody willing to live their lives following the model of JESUS, MARY, ST. JOSEPH, and ST. FRANCIS. It means living a life of prayer, obedience to the will of God, willing to go beyond one’s comfort zone in self-formation and deepening interior life.

It is putting a focus first in our spiritual life below the waterline.

It entails:

  • praying the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Eucharistic adoration
  • praying the rosary
  • frequently going to confession
  • Mass attendance with Holy Communion
  • praying the Angelus, the Memorare and
  • learning to pray the Franciscan rosary
  • with the goal of living a life of prayer, of love of the Scriptures,
  • love of a simple life . . . as one journeys in faith with Mary
  • who leads us or points our path to a

    * * * more personal relationship with her Son, Jesus.* * *

    It is forming one-self first in line with the gospel, living a life of prayer, simplicity and docility to the will of God in our life.

    Whatever I learned for my own formation
  • through the Diaconate formation program,
  • the Diocesan Institute classes
  • the Clinical Pastoral Education training and internship
  • the Theology and Apologetics and Faith forums and presentations through the EWTN programs
  • the Legacy Retreat Experience of reclaiming our voices
  • the Cursillo formation and experience
  • the Chaplaincy experiences
  • all these I am willing to share to members of this circle who will commit their time for the Lord and in honor of the Blessed Mother.

    With the Holy Spirit as our nurturer, guide and source of the Truth, and the Rosary as our weapon, we march on and we will continue to finish the race. With our Blessed Mother holding us in her care, we can't lose. We will gain graces for our soul, for our family, and our love ones. ...
    And as Fr. Corapi frequently ends his talk "In the end, Jesus will say, 'Come my dear and faithful servant, come to the Joy in my Father's house."