How It Started

The spark of the light to start this Circle came from the Blessed Mother. It was her acknowledgment to the sincere, loving devotion to her as Our Lady of Fatima. It was faithfulness in praying the rosary in her honor, in the hope to be close to Mary the Mother of God, and while being close to her, she guides all/me and everyone to get closer and have a genuine personal relationship with her Son, Jesus.

It is this faith knowing the Blessed Mother will lovingly guide us in our life, our family and our journey or walk with Jesus while we live here on earth until the day we meet them all in heaven.

One of the secrets of a holy life is faithfulness to prayer. It is constantly in communion with our father in Heaven, with Jesus, the Blessed Mother and all the saints in heaven. It is a constant awareness that we live each moment of our 24 hours a day…with them spiritually. We go on with the daily chores, with our errands, with our work, with our daily routine. but we perform all those in the company of the saints, with Jesus and Mary.

It is getting used to the presence of Jesus and Mary in all the things we do. Whether we are awake or asleep.

Having learned to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, I am convinced that anyone can do it and such prayer will enhance our relationship with Jesus and Mary. It is not hard. It is just having the commitment or willingness to offer that silence for at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. If you choose to do more…There is also mid-day prayer, and night prayer