Choose to be Happy!
             Liberate yourself.

THEME: You make the Decision. You make the choice to be Happy!

       By: Dr. Laura Schlessinger

“I suggest you get on with it. Let it go and move on!”

Remember the memories, your treasures of the past:

• Family vacations
• Backyard playtime
• Loving day to day activities at home.

The Injured = handicapped, victim, survivor, adult child of, low self-esteem, coming from dysfunctional family

There was childhood dynamics but: REMEMBER
“You have the power and the choice to make a good life.”

Emotional pull of the past – erases the logic of the moment.

Early life’s challenges – are reflected on our choices in people, environments, decisions, behaviors, and attitudes. All of which are the major factors in the current predicaments and unhappiness.

Question to Dr. laura: what drove her to attempt to rescue and fix him? There is POWER in Surrender.

No matter what circumstances have come into our lives, we are responsible for how we react to them.

My advice to others;
Remember the Story of Joseph.
He was hated by his brothers, sold and almost got killed by them.
Then life turned for the better for Joseph and he became the 2nd most powerful man in the throne.
Now famine arrived and his brothers needed food to survive. Was he vindictive?
Did he make them suffer for what they did to him? No!
He loved them and he forgave them and was gracious to them.
He gave them food to take home to their father..Jacob.

In simplest term: simply decide where you want to go and start moving. Do you want a happy life filled with Love and Stability? Then you have to be the one to start moving in that direction. (thank you lord!)

Theme of the story:

It’s all about your right to choose.
You can choose to live in the past and feel what may have happened to you or what you lost, or you can acknowledge your past and move on.
You can never reach your future if you won’t remove yourself from the past, from the direction of the past.

Change and growth are not straight lines.
One needs to learn to bear some scars and pains forever, as they ebb and flow in our hearts and brains with the natural tides of life’s experiences and challenges.
There is no way to eradicate horrendous memories from a difficult childhood.

How you handle a situation – is your responsibility. What happened is not your fault.

Change is challenging, painful and difficult.
When you are hurt, giving you confusion, pain, and you are fearful and angry – remember – in the pain of yesterday and the frustrations of today you can tell yourself:
“I can make things better! I can make it happen. And I don’t want to look back.”

Go, move on to a life of more peace and happiness.

Question for you:
What is Our Aim in Life?
To go to Heaven or to Go to Hell?

Conquer. Not survive.
Don’t spend your whole life being sad.
Everything has a price. Be a source of Caring and Hope.

But change you must, if you hope to have a life with meaning, pleasure, peace and joy.

Liberate yourself. Change your life.
You have the power, the control and the choice to make it different.

You are not a simple product of your experiences.
You are a product of what you make of and do with those experiences.

Learn to live with your failures.
A good life is about ENDURING. Don’t wait for the pain to go away. It never will.
You can never turn Kingkong to a small monkey.
It is impossible. So is life.
Drive your car, even if you hear those noises in the trunk. Fix it and let it be.
It is worth driving for a few more miles. Then trade in with something usable and drivable.

So in life…accept what is!

What is the meaning of acceptance?
It means don’t fight it anymore. It does not mean you agree with it, or you like it, or embrace it. Just don’t fight it anymore. It is what it is.

A good life requires dealing with real pain.

Dr. Laura once asked someone who successfully turned around her life.
What made the difference she asked. She was hoping it was her words of wisdom or the intellectual discussions she presented. You know what?
The answer humbled her. “It was her faith in her.
Not the wisdom she showered on her.
It was her belief on that person that changed her!”

TECHNIQUE was not the issue. Humanity was!

Life is about choices. Pain, fear, injustice, cruelty, disappointment – are universal. Spirituality may not erase the past nor heal all wounds *** but (Emily's comment on this line:"Spirituality connects us with our God and therefore it gives meaning to our life and our faith is strengthened with the knowledge and the conviction that with our crosses...we are following Jesus as he said; 'Carry your cross and follow me!'" ...added by Emily).

Accept the scars of life. They are not part of your skin. Move on. Choose to be happy from now on.

Suffering is a UNIVERSAL experience. History can’t be erased. It is already written. You can’t scope back the spilled milk. Just wash it and buy a new one.

Really, accept that YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE! Make better choices from now on.

No one can give you peace. It is a GIFT you give to yourself.

A good life takes character to live with determination, to make the right choices, and courage to embrace risk-taking and to endure pain and fear.

Decide to CHOOSE a rich life cured with memories and treasures to share rather than an expensive lifestyle.

*********************** Conclusions: Temporary hurt feelings that lead to an awakening or positive possibilities are a small price to pay to literally save a life from wasted misery!

But change you must, if you hope to have a life with meaning, pleasure, peace and joy.

Liberate yourself. Change your life. You have the power, the control and the choice to make it different.

  • REMEMBER: “You have the power and the choice to make a good life. “ You make the Decision. You make the choice to be Happy!”
           Author: Dr. Laura Schlessinger
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